Lynn Fletcher, senior class portrait in Stage Coach (1948), p. 73, Rye High School, Rye, NY.

31. Lynn Fletcher

Life Datesca. 1930-unknown
Place of BirthNew York, USA
Place of Deathunknown
Birth NameLynn Fletcher

Lynn Fletcher was born around 1930 in New York State, the only child of Arthur and Marjorie Fletcher.1 Her maternal aunt, Edith Fletcher (1900-1974), had been married to Stanley William Hayter from 1926 until 1929 when both were living in Paris and learning engraving and etching from Josef Hecht. Lynn Fletcher came to Atelier 17 for three months sometime in her early twenties during the time that Peter Grippe was director.2 Prints by Fletcher have not yet been found.


  1. Lynn Fletcher first appears in public record on the 1940 census, living with her parents in New York City: New York, New York, New York; Roll: m-t0627-02642; Page: 3B; Enumeration District: 31-772.
  2. Fletcher paid tuition from November 12 to February 12 of an unknown year but likely 1953 or 1954. Student ledger book, p. 12, Allentown Art Museum/Grippe Collection, Allentown, Penn. 1952 is not a possibility since on November 5, 1952, Fletcher traveled to France aboard the Liberté. At the time, she was living at Blind Brook Lodge in Rye, New York.