Sara Winston, Submerged Woman, (undated, cal 1950). Etching, plate: 16 ¾ x 13 ¾ in., sheet: 19 ½ x 16 ¾ in. Courtesy Dolan/Maxwell, Philadelphia, PA.

94. Sara Winston

Life Datesca. 1922-unknown
Place of BirthNew Jersey, USA
Place of Deathunknown
Birth NameSara Weinstein

Not much is known about Sarah Winston’s life or artistic activities. According to the student ledger book that Peter and Florence Grippe maintained, Winston was quite actively making prints at Atelier 17 between approximately December 1952 and May 1954.1 The only located print by Winston, Submerged Woman, was preserved in Stanley William Hayter’s personal collection of exchanged prints. Winston exhibited another print titled Space Loops extensively in print annuals in the mid-1950s, but no surviving impressions of this print are known today. In the Grippe ledger book, Winston is listed as living in South Orange, New Jersey, which aligns with a student registration card found at the Art Students League for Sara Weinstein (later Winston), who began taking life drawing classes with Robert B. Hale in September 1950.2 Given this data point, Winston may have been the daughter of Russian immigrants Benjamin and Yetta Weinstein of Newark, New Jersey, which would place her birth year around 1922. Winston may also have been married Larry Winston, another artist on Atelier 17’s roster, but this fact is unconfirmed.


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