Unidentified photographer, María Eugenia Huneeus, ca. 1950s.

44. Eugenia Huneeus

Life Dates1916-2009
Place of BirthSantiago, Chile
Place of DeathSudbury, England
Birth NameMaría Eugenia Huneeus

Born in Santiago, Chile, María Eugenia Huneeus was in the United States by the mid-1940s to attend graduate school on a “Pan-American scholarship” at Simmons College in Boston, Massachusetts.1 After graduation, she worked as a psychiatric caseworker for the Family Society of Boston. According to the Grippe ledger book, Huneeus visited Atelier 17 in March 1952, directly before departing for England where she would live for the remainder of her life.2 At Atelier 17, she worked on just one small plate. Huneeus continued in the field of social work while living in England and published frequently in her field.3


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